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Tina Davies - PIXL Needle Cartridges on
Tina Davies - PIXL Needle Cartridges on

Tina Davies - PIXL Needle Cartridges on

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The Tina Davies Professional PIXL Needle Cartridges have been designed for refined precision and to change the game for permanent makeup artists.

The new and improved design of the PIXL cartridges promotes high-performance and low trauma – thanks to the NO-DRIP TIP technology. The design of the cartridge tip will prevent pigment pooling, give complete visibility and improve accuracy whilst working.

Designed by Tina herself, the patented safety membrane eliminates the possibility of any backflow so that no pigment, blood or fluid will leak back into your machine. The unique finger ledge design has also been tweaked, to enhance comfort, reduce fatigue and increase precision.

The innovative tapered fit of the cartridge increases stability, for precise pigment placement in every treatment. The experts at Tina Davies Professional have really listened to artist’s concerns and designed the PIXL cartridges to combat these recurring issues.

Key features:

  • Sample Box
  • NO-DRIP TIP technology
  • Long taper (6mm)
  • Patented safety membrane
  • Universal connection
  • Available in Boxes of 10